Marvel Snap brings The Living Tribunal, the powerful cosmic entity in its latest update

Marvel Snap brings The Living Tribunal, the powerful cosmic entity in its latest update

Guardians Greatest Hit has thus come to an end and so Marvel Snap deliberately wanted this season to end with a huge banger. The only way they had to end this on a good note was with the card of The Living Tribunal and here it is! Marvel Snap released this card today 30th May 2023 and thus this is the last ever update players can witness in the game for this month. So, let us now dive into the details of this card and see whether this card is worth it or not.

The Living Tribunal comes with mind-blowing powers to Marvel Snap

The card of The Living Tribunal is released as an Ultra Rare Series 5 card which specifies that players above 486 Collection Level only have the chance to grab this card in their hands. As per the details of the card, the card comes up with 6 Cost and 6 Power which clarifies that this card can be played at the end turns and thus can come up being a great game-changer. One of the most powerful cosmic entities in the Multiverse has presented themselves in MARVEL SNAP--The Living Tribunal, the ultimate enforcer of balance across all realities.
? Cost: 6
? Power: 6
?Ongoing: Split your total Power evenly among all locations. pic.twitter.com/0uU8Rms631The Living Tribunal has a great ability, that is, the card splits the total power evenly among all locations. This power is nothing but just a game-changing card itself, if the players use the card at the last turn properly then it will evenly divide up its power and thus players can easily conquer two locations at the same time and grab up a great win against their opponent. [photo1]Image via NuverseThe card also has some variants which are not released yet in the

game, but not to worry much as in the upcoming patch notes the officials are soon going to launch in the Season Pass or Mystery Variant catalog so that players can grab up those mystery variants easily.

Final Thoughts

The Living Tribunal is undoubtedly one of the greatest cards Marvel Snap released this month along with the High Evolutionary. Also, Guardians Greatest Hit ends up with the release of this card and soon after a few days, a new season is also coming up. Thus, enjoy the snapverse and collect more Collection Points to get The Living Tribunal through the Collector's Cache.What are your thoughts about The Living Tribunal card in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!