Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’

Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’
May 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his streaming--and scripted TV--debut in the action comedy FUBAR. The Warner Bros. studio marks its centennial with a four-part documentary series. A National Geographic documentary profiles conservationists aiming to create national parks in South America. Catch up on the latest episodes of Yellowstone when the first half of Season 5 begins streaming on Peacock.

Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’


Series Premiere

This action comedy has all the ingredients of a blockbuster. Big star? Check. Arnold Schwarzenegger is making his streaming debut, doubling as his first scripted TV project. High concept? Check. FUBAR (stands for, more or less, "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition") is a comedy-laced spy story, with True Lies in its DNA, about a retiring CIA operative who discovers to his chagrin that his grown daughter (Top Gun: Maverick's Monica Barbaro) is also a top-secret agent. Naturally, they're teamed on a dangerous mission to stop a psychotic arms dealer (Gabriel Luna) where protocol goes out the window. Let the explosive fun begin.

Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’
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100 Years of Warner Bros.

Series Premiere

As they sang in Casablanca, "You must remember this." And if you don't, this four-part documentary series will serve as a crash course in film history, marking a century of the iconic Warner Bros. studio, from its scrappy beginnings to its reputation as a factory for blockbusters including the Superman, Batman, DC Comics and Harry Potter franchises. The series also acknowledges TV hits including Friends and The Big Bang Theory. As Humphrey Bogart once noted about The Maltese Falcon, "It's the stuff that dreams are made of." Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the series opens with two episodes, the remaining two on June 1.

Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’
National Geographic

Wild Life

Documentary Premiere

Oscar-winning filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin (Free Solo) follow the inspiring journey of entrepreneur conservationists Kris Tompkins and her late husband Doug as they pursue a dream of creating national parks in Chile and Argentina. Having helped create and/or run outdoor brands Patagonia and The North Face, the Tompkins left the business world behind to realize their vision, which now encompasses 14.8 million acres of protected wilderness.

Arnold’s Back (on Netflix), A Century of Warner Bros, A ‘Wild Life’ Doc, Streaming ‘Yellowstone’
Paramount Network


Good news for those impatient cord-cutters who've been yearning to catch up on the latest dark shenanigans of the Dutton family. The first eight episodes of what we now know to be the fifth and final season of the hit drama are now available for streaming on Peacock. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is now the governor of Montana, but as affairs of state clash with family and business intrigues, it's not likely to be an easy reign.


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